Who is the owner of this diary?

If you are here on this page, you are probably wondering whose diary this is, so let me introduce myself.

Hi. I´m Lisah, the owner of Lisah Diary. I´m turning 23 in October, yayyy libra wuhuuu, I´m wasian (half white, half asian) and living in Scandinavia (north Europe) and currently studying digital marketing. Lisah Diary is a part of my study project and I hope you all enjoy it as much I do.

Why did I want to create Lisah Diary?

Hmm… I´m a big introvert ngl, but somehow, I still love to share my thoughts and ideas with others. I have also been into fashion and beauty since I can remember so I thought “Why not share my thoughts and finds with others through the internet?” so here I am <333

What´s the purpose with Lisah Diary?

Hmm… again… The purpose is to try and help you with whatever, it can be fashion or beauty tips. Maybe you have seen something on ig, tt or pinterest and want it or just something similar, send it to me and I will do my best to find it for you. It could also me more of a life or personal topic that you want me to talk about. 

EVERYTHING IS ANONYMOUS. But I would still like to share with all of you cus there’s probably others who have the same question, so why not share. Sharing is caring right?? 😉

So how do you contact me if you want me to find something for you?

TBH I haven´t figure out how to set up the contact form here on the website yet, but I will link to my social medias down below, and you can contact me that way

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